January 25, 2017

3 free mindful natural tips for hands and nails


I am super fun of anything natural.

Sometimes doing like your grandma or using old household recipes can be very useful to you. If you think, to smell something has a very strong impact on your memory.

Often from childhood a rose garden full of roses will remain strong in your mind. If you close your eyes for a moment I am sure you can feel the breeze of summer and the smell of roses, just by focusing mindfully.

Here are my natural tips to you for hands and nails. Try when you do them to really put your focus into the activity.

Tip one

Before bedtime make time for tiny massage ritual for hands and cuticle. Apply and massage lavender nail oil on your fingers at the same time keeping the awareness towards your breathing. Lovely and peaceful way to fall asleep. Bonus: The smell of lavender has calming properties.

Tip two

Especially at winter dry hands can become a problem. Try to massage your hands with salt crystals mixed with water. This is a great natural softening hand scrub.  After apply softening oil on your hands, good oil can be almond oil. Additionally when your hands are super super dry – sleep with thin cotton gloves overnight – doing a hand mask. In the morning your hands will feel extra soft and well moisturized.

Tip three

If you love making food and being in your kitchen garlic is not a very pleasant smell on hands. A natural way to neutralize the smell of garlic, use lemon juice to massage into your fingers. To do it mindfully first smell the garlic afterwards focuses on the smell of lemon on your hands. An easy tip to do.

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