I ran upstairs to the bathroom.

"Why can't I?" I cry inside myself.

Stomach in a knot...hand shaking...

Holding myself back.

I don't want my dad hear me cry.

I look in the mirror.

"Why am I not allowed?" I talk silent in mirror.

"Why?" I feel different and lonely.

It's not first time my dad catch me back from school…

"What do you have on your eyes?" he shouts out loud.

"Take it off."

"I told you... take it off." he says louder.

I am 15. I am not allowed to wear mascara at school.

All I want...

Be like other girls at school.

And you know what?

I learn to hide I use mascara.

When I leave school for home. I go to school bathroom to remove my mascara.

It was hard and lonely in my early days playing with makeup.


How I ended up in the beauty industry is still a mystery to me.
I think it happened naturally. For 10 years I travelled the world. In every airport I was hanging out in the beauty department.


Some call it addiction…

Past 25 years I have managed millions in sales for beauty conglomerates. In the end I got fed up all they care about are figures. You see I have seen so many products some and go. I lost human touch.

Past 15 years I have built my own indie beauty business. FNUG is one of my babies.

In my industry age as word means sell a promise. Everything in relation to age is bad - your hair, skin and body. It never resonated with me.

I have never bought any anti-wrinkle cream in a pot! Do you like the word anti-wrinkle? It makes me feel bad. I've noticed my grey hair is coming and I like it.

I am married with 2 lovely kiddos. I nature walk and read a lot for my mind. I love to play tennis, still learning! I teach pilates in our local community.

I believe real beauty comes from how you talk to yourself. How you look after yourself and how you eat.

And I do know, these days’ women are bolder to express themselves on their own terms where no limits apply.

…when the little girl inside me takes time for her - I play with nail colours…

Charlotte Fnug Munksgaard

We express who we are

Fed up being dictated young means beautiful?

You no longer believe next new “anti-age” cream will save your live nor remove your wrinkles.

You no longer want to be dictated what and how to do your beauty rituals. You are who you are with or without grey hair. The hope in a jar no longer applies to you.

There is no age limits to being yourself. You are never too old to be and express whoever you are.

That includes funky hair colours/styles, strange makeup choices, piercings, tattoos, nail polish, jewelry, clothes, books, movies, music, interest/hobbies, etc.

The choice is yours.


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