November 29, 2016

Beware of microbeads


With awareness we can help save our planet.

Did you know that tiny mircobeads are present in so many beauty products and that they are ruining our environment?  These cheap plastic tiny microbeads are used heavily in beauty products like face scrubs, body scrubs, soap, toothpaste and makeup among.

In one cleansing product for example, you might find thousands of tiny microbeads which end up in the ocean vanishing down through your sink and bath slowly but surely we are ruining our environment, our marine life and our oceans. We are killing fish and shellfish they eat these microbeads thinking they are food.

It is now, as consumer, you need to react! Take action! Look at your beauty products see if they contain microbeads. Right now internationally there’s a huge debate going on as we become aware of the dangerous of microbeads as to whether they should be allowed in cosmetics or not. In Denmark today, where I write from, no legal restrictions or ban have been enforced.

I am happy to report you in USA; Obama has already banned and enforced a law prohibiting use of microbeads in cosmetics effective mid 2017. Last September the UK was even faster when, within days, a total ban was enforced. Effective end 2017. Even the Australians are having issues.

I hope together with our consciousness and awareness we will stop buying cosmetic products containing microbeads – as of today. In my personal opinion we need a total ban worldwide now. As much as I love my cosmetic industry, using micro plastic beads is a No Go. I know my industry’s use of mircobeads has to do with cheap price.

To help you, as consumer out there, you should look for natural alternatives like jojoba beads, apricot kernels, ground nutshell, sugar and salt. Probably beauty products you find in the natural cosmetic segment. Check out the best holo nail polishes available. Act now save our environment, our oceans and our marine life.

Ban the beads.