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Get the Perfect Mani-Pedi with These Hot Fall 2017 Nail Colours

nail polish

Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing you have to change when autumn arrives. Your makeup and hairstyle are also something you switch up to match your fall clothes. And, of course, to complete the look, you must get the perfect manicure and pedicure.

Painting your nails to match your mood or attire is much easier than perfecting a new eyeshadow palette or styling your tresses. So feel free to find a shade for everyday wear or try all these tints before winter comes rolling in. Use these popular nail colours and your digits will always be in style this season.

Royal Purples

Aubergine is definitely a hot colour this fall. It is a welcome alternative to black, giving a more chic, intense, and deeper vibe. Plus, it suits all skin tones. Just make sure to get a purple nail polish that has a rich tone.

Deep Blues

With pale blues being so popular this summer, it’s only natural that nail colour trends will transition to darker, richer tones of blue this autumn. As the leaves fall and the winds become colder, this hue can perfectly match the moody surroundings. And it’s perfect for those days when you feel like you just want to get lost deep in your thoughts as you sip a hot drink, with a haunting song playing in the background. Look for a polish that leans more towards cobalt, midnight, navy, or even royal blue.

Comforting Browns

A day in autumn is never complete without a hot drink. Try finger and toe nail colours that remind you of roasted coffee or hot chocolate for a perk of energy and a dose of comfiness any time of the day.

Lush Greens

The leaves may be turning brown and falling, but your digits can remain fresh-looking throughout the fall season. Just paint on a coat of watermelon rind or hunter green. Then complement your mani-pedi with a military jacket.

Rich Reds

Sipping wine beside a fire is perfect for relaxing during those autumn nights that last longer. Match your favourite bottle of vintage by choosing nail polish in burgundy, crimson, ruby, or brick red. Your fingers will look extra sexy as they curl around a wine glass.

Bright Oranges

What would fall be without the beautiful hues of yellow, reds, and oranges? Truly imbibe the season by going for attractive and flattering terra cotta or earthy tones. Just like a pumpkin spice latte can, these warm hues can brighten up your day and warm up your complexion on days when the weather is cooler and dull. If you’re feeling more adventurous, look for metallic orange polish for a little more sparkle.

Smokey Shades

For nail polish that complements all skin tones, go for a cool grey, a creamy greige, a lovely lilac, and other smokey hues.

Nice Neutrals

A list of best nail colours is never complete without nudes. To complement olive skin tones, look for a bottle of coral pink. A pretty cinnamon or a yummy caramel is also perfect for everyday wear this fall.

Ready to flaunt a gorgeous mani-pedi this autumn season? Then start looking for the hottest colours in our collection. We have tastefully fabulous sheer, crème, metallic, neon matte, glitter, metal foil, and holographic nail polish. So take your pick and start beautifying those digits before winter comes!

24 Types of Nail Polish Finishes to Try

nail polish

Painting and beautifying your fingernails and toenails can be a lot of fun, especially because there are just so many types of nail polish to choose from and try.

Sometimes, too many options can make it more difficult to choose. To give you a little help in your quest to have the most beautiful looking digits, here’s a handy guide to the various kinds of nail polish finishes.

1. Crème or Cream

This is probably the most common type you’ll see people using. It is usually in a white-based, solid, opaque colour and comes in all sorts of shades. If you want a simple look and no-frills application process, crème is the perfect choice.

2. Sheer

french manicure and a hairpin

When you want to don a French mani-pedi, or want glossy nails without covering them up in any sort of tints, this is the finish to choose. This usually goes in nudes, pinks, or ‘invisible’ varieties.

3. Jelly

The best way to describe this nail paint is it generally gives just a wash of colour because it is clear-based. Expect a squishy looking shine on a jelly base, something like a ‘wetter’ version of a creamy finish. It’s great for shiny and colourful nails, but you usually have to put on about three to four coats to completely cover your nails.

4. Textured

Has a 3D quality to it, and usually contains lots of sparkle that catches light. Textured nail polish dries up really fast and produces a grainy finish.

5. Matte

This can give you very chic-looking manicures but can be a bit challenging to get a uniform result since it dries up quickly. It is free of shine, but you can put on a layer of gloss for shinier nails.

6. Holographic

Fashionistas can’t get enough of holographic nail polish ever since it became a trend. It contains glitters that create a beautiful rainbow effect when hit directly by a light or the sun. The holo effect varies in scatter and strength and are usually classified as subtle or scattered, linear, multichrome, duochrome, and scattered linear.

7. Metallic

Gives you a smooth and shiny metal-like finish. You can find copper, gold, bronze, and silver finishes.

hand with long artificial manicured nails holding bracelets

8. Glitter

As the name depicts, it contains cosmetic glitters. It can have a clear base or a tinted suspension. The sparkles tend to settle over time so make sure to shake or roll the bottle between both hands before using. To get the best results, apply a thick coat or top with gloss. Take note, it can be challenging to remove the glitters.

9. Duochrome

It changes colour depending on the light reflection. For example, your polish can look red, but when sunlight hits it it looks purple.

10. Pearl

Tends to come in lighter shades and gives your digits a pearlescent look.

11. Foil

They are similar to metallic polishes but result to a smooth aluminium foil effect.

12. Shimmer

It’s like a crème base that contains a lot of tiny glitters and tends to lean towards gold and silver tints (not all the time though).

13. Suede

If you want shimmery but not shiny fingernails, then go for this variety. The finish is matte, so even if it contains shimmer it won’t shine.

14. Flakes/Flakies

Irregularly shaped glittery flakes that are suspended in a clear or jelly base. The flakes have a duochrome or pearlescent effect. It has a light base so some like to mix this with different types of nail polish.

15. Glass flecked

An alternative to glitter or flakes, this one contains small glass pieces. It has a crème base and doesn’t give a too distracting shine. Plus, it can be easier to remove.

green brown manicure

16. Neon

If you like painting your digits in colours that pop, then neons are your thing. They may look like creamy polishes, but they actually give more of a matte look when they dry.

17. Satin

Similar to matte polish but it tends to be a little shinier. It’s like a mixture of crème and matte.

18. Iridescent

It’s like duochrome, but the change of colour usually isn’t clear. You tend to see a base colour (in a lighter shade) in the middle of your nail.

19. Water

Closely similar to jelly but leans more towards the sheer side.

20. Frost

This looks like metallic varieties but has more of a frosted glass appearance. It gives you a nice shimmer finish with visible brush marks.

21. Crackle/Shatter

When you apply this over a dry base, the reaction creates a shatter or crackle effect. You end up with a matte look that has a shattered design.

22. Croc Effect

Similar to crackle but produces more uniform shapes with a creamy finish.

23. Glow in the Dark

Polish that glows in the dark and reacts to UV or blacklight. How cool is that?

24. Thermal

It changes colour depending on the temperature, so it would be fun to wear this if get to enjoy varying temps throughout the day.

Now that you know all these kinds of finishes, it’s time to get busy. Check out our fantastic collection of unique FNUG nail polishes and make those fingernails and toenails all pretty and colourful.

Why are some surgery patients asked to remove their nail polish?


Why Are Some Surgery Patients Asked to Remove Their Nail Polish?

During select procedures, and in accordance with a hospital’s specific rules, patients may be asked to refrain from wearing make-up or nail polish. But, how exactly do your face and nails influence your procedure? Wouldn’t a competent doctor want his or her nervous patient to feel her best and gain confidence through her appearance during such a stressful time?

The reasons are simple, actually. Make-up and nail polish can inhibit the surgical team’s ability to monitor your well-being while you are under anesthesia. Remember, you will not be able to speak or react, so your body has to do the communicating for you. Make-up masks a woman’s true skin color, making it impossible for the surgeon to read how she is handling the surgery. In the same vein, hospitals use the nail beds as an indicator of a patient’s oxygen level. If her nail beds appear bluish, it signals that she may be in trouble. Nail polish prevents your surgeon from getting a clear nail bed reading.

Modern Equipment

Only some hospitals request that polish is removed strictly to check a patient’s nail bed, while others use different equipment. However, nail polish can also pose a challenge in this scenario as well. An oximeter is a tiny clip that is placed on your finger during surgery to measure your oxygen level. If your nails are painted a dark hue, such as navy, black, or a deep purple, the machine will have difficulty reading through the colour.

Because the oximeter only requires the use of one finger on each hand, you can usually keep the majority of your manicure, if you want, in most situations. After all, gels, wraps, and tips can get expensive, and it is much more affordable to replace two nails than to get a full do-over. Plus, you will still feel 80% glamourous going under!

When in Doubt, Call Ahead

Sometimes when your pre-op sheets say “no nail polish,” they are nothing more than a form letter for all surgical patients. The best way to find out if polish is permitted during your procedure is to as your surgeon directly.

There are times when the pre-op team will allow nail polish as long as they can see your nail beds through it. This means that you may be allowed to apply a clear shine on your nails just to avoid the “naked” feeling, or in some cases, a French manicure may be permitted if they can press the nail and still clearly see the blanching and blood return. Other surgeons may permit nail polish as long as you don’t wear make-up. It really depends on the procedure.

What About Toes?

99% of the time, surgeons will not even look at your toes, and polishing them is usually allowed, so why not treat yourself? Wouldn’t you want to rock a cute pedicure while you are recovering? Just think, a  bright orange and neon green will knock the socks off of the prep team, and put a little smile on your own face as well. Day-brightening colours or cheery patterns can really elevate your mood and may even be the talk of the OR while you are under, as long as you’re not wearing surgery stockings, that is!

Simple Pleasures

You may find that getting your nails done is one of the simple pleasures that we ladies have in life. You get to feel pampered, and beautiful, and sometimes those decorative extremities give us just enough hope to make it through a tough time, like a health crisis. However, your health during surgery needs to be your first consideration. So, regardless of how valuable your appearance is to you, listen to your doctor because your well-being is much more important.

What colour for wedding nails?


Choose a Nail Colour to Match Your Wedding Ensemble

Not only do you want your nails to look beautiful, but you want them to coordinate with the key parts of your wedding day attire. Part of the fun is finding a delightful hue that adds depth to your wedding dress’s specific shade of white (as brides know, there is surprisingly many), or that matches any pop of colour already represented on your shoes or clutch, or even in your bouquet.

Regardless of your inspiration, be sure to complement your engagement ring and wedding band. They are the main attractions, and perfectly-manicured nails will only serve to add to their beauty.

Beautiful and delicate shades are sure to complement your wedding’s colour theme, your gown, your jewels, or your flowers. Pastels and rosy hues are sure to add an elegant splash of colour to your up-close photos, such as those snapshots of your first toast, or cutting the cake.

Once you pick out the perfect shade, it’s time to paint. Take your time. Tread carefully to avoid painting on the nearby skin, while also making sure that the entire nail bed is covered. Apply 2 coats to ensure a rich, opaque coverage.


Seal Off Your Manicure With a Top Coat

Your top coat is the final layer in your manicure process. It is of paramount importance, however, because it acts as sealer to preserve the coloured polish. This protective barrier helps to prevent chipping, peeling, and fading, ensuring that your wedding week manicure lasts well beyond the honeymoon.

Another benefit to using top coat is the long-lasting shine it provides. Many top coat formulas even contain the special ingredient, which is added to provide that glossy effect.

And that’s it! Your wedding day is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life. For the coolest bride, you could also use our holographic nail polish. Why leave anything to chance? If you want your nails to be perfect, follow these tips and you will have one less thing to worry about before you say “I do”.

How do you make holographic nail polish?



How do you make holographic nail polish?

I have often been asked how I make my holographic nail polishes. Obviously I can not reveal my secrets. I can tell you following.

Holographic nail polish is the most difficult nail polish to get right. First of all holo pigment is grey and it makes it super difficult to get right amount of holo pigment adjusted into the nail polish. If you add too little holo pigment you almost get no rainbow sparkle. It will show sparse bits and pieces of holo effect, kind of a top coat. You gain no intense rainbow sparkling effect.

If you add too much grey holo pigment somehow the holo pigment makes the viscosity of the nail polish too thick and it will not glide on the nails nicely. As well the nail polish doesn’t show any holo rainbow glitter it gets dull and matte on the surface.

Right amount of pigment is crucial.

How to get it right? Yes, it is a mix of nail polish base with just right amount of holo pigment. And, didn’t I experiment, before I was happy with the right result.

Make sure to check out all of our holographic nail polishes.

How to save money and time on nails?



How to save time and money on nails?

Next time your nails are in need of attention it’s time you recover the at-home manicure. Skip the nail salon and buy yourself a nice bottle of nail polish instead.

You can simply groom your hands, perfect your cuticles and paint your nails in less time than it takes to go to a nail salon, with results that look as polished.

Getting regular manicures and pedicures at a nail salon can start to get really pricey. Especially if you are on a student budget or simply money is tight. The indulgence of doing at home manicure in total privacy with your favorite music and a lovely cup of tea makes you in control. It’s all in your hands, literally, when you bring your nail polish to your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or back porch. Whereever.

The attention you bring to yourself for a given time can be so rewarding. If you think back, as a little girl, you must recall the feeling while you watched your mother dap tiny spots of colour on the end of her fingers. Check out our holographic nail polishes that let you DIY on new trend.

These are memories and emotions I want you to feel and bring back to your mind next time you do your indulging manicure or pedicure at home.


3 free mindful natural tips for hands and nails



I am super fun of anything natural.

Sometimes doing like your grandma or using old household recipes can be very useful to you. If you think, to smell something has a very strong impact on your memory.

Often from childhood a rose garden full of roses will remain strong in your mind. If you close your eyes for a moment I am sure you can feel the breeze of summer and the smell of roses, just by focusing mindfully.

Here are my natural tips to you for hands and nails. Try when you do them to really put your focus into the activity.


Before bedtime make time for tiny massage ritual for hands and cuticle. Apply and massage lavender nail oil on your fingers at the same time keeping the awareness towards your breathing. Lovely and peaceful way to fall asleep. Bonus: The smell of lavender has calming properties.

Tip /2

Especially at winter dry hands can become a problem. Try to massage your hands with salt crystals mixed with water. This is a great natural softening hand scrub.  After apply softening oil on your hands, good oil can be almond oil. Additionally when your hands are super super dry – sleep with thin cotton gloves overnight – doing a hand mask. In the morning your hands will feel extra soft and well moisturized.


If you love making food and being in your kitchen garlic is not a very pleasant smell on hands. A natural way to neutralize the smell of garlic, use lemon juice to massage into your fingers. To do it mindfully first smell the garlic afterwards focuses on the smell of lemon on your hands. An easy tip to do.

When you want to DIY, check out for our long lasting holographic nail polishes.


Why is nailyoga good for you?



Join me – show me your #nailyoga.

I believe in today fast paced world we need to create tiny loopholes for ourselves. Create your own space of being. We as humans need to be more aware and control the connection between our body and mind. Rather than pace along on autopilot make sure to get quality time on your own, it sounds a bit scary but it’s actually very beneficial to you.

Last year I attended a mindfulness seminar at Copenhagen University by lector Frans Orsted Andersen in which he stated following: Brain scientists now know and have proven being able to either meditate or doing any flow activity is very good for our brain since you calm down and you kind of reset your brain.

Two ways to actually mindful slow down is either you meditate or make a flow activity.  It is super essential and very restorative for our brain to take a pause. To be in a flow activity means you are deeply engaged in a hobby activity like reading, knitting, crocheting, painting, drawing. Usually you are dealing with a hobby activity which makes you so involved you tend to forget your basic need of eating. You tend to forget time frame spend and place. I guess you must have tried once or twice to be so involved in a hobby activity you didn’t realize 2-4 hours had gone rapidly.

I started to think literally when I apply nail polish I am always super mindful in doing so. I always enjoy it and love “my time” off daily duties. I make time for coffee or tea and I sit straight up at a good table height.  This is actually how I have done my nails always. Suddenly realizing I am super mindful and in flow I really want to emphasize this to you.

I want to inspire you to do the same – next time when you apply nail polish really take your time out and use your manicure as your time to yourself.  If you have a boyfriend tell him – I am doing my NailYoga. And if you have children – your husband will have to babysit for you. You can also go for our holographic nail polish here at Fnug instead when you want to DIY.

I would love to see you doing NailYoga – show me using #nailyoga on your social site.

Join me in 2017 – we show how we do #nailyoga


How to get rid of painful ingrown toe nails


No doubt summertime is pedicure time.

If you suffer from ingrown toe nails you know how hurtful it is.

I used to live in Seychelles obviously due to the great weather conditions and the heat I mostly wore sandals but closed shoes and especially pumps for evenings started to become a huge problem to me. Pointed pumps used to cause me immense problems on my left toenail with an ingrown toenail. It was so hurtful and I had a great amount of infections and bleeding on that toenail.

I used to dip my feet in the salt water in the sea to have relief and cool down. I started always wearing a piece of cotton under the edge of the toenail for prevention. It could help me on/off. But no way it took the problem away.

They say proper trimming is the best way to prevent ingrown nails. I am not sure. Today my son also suffers from ingrown nails on both his toenails. We regular see a podiatrist. Even if she uses a nail rasp to smooth the edge of the nail along the nail groove and the right cutting of the nail straight across, the problem seems to come back.

I am a firm believer we simply have too much skin on the edge of the toenail and the toenail lays too deep inside the skin.

In Seychelles after much stress and pain I found an Indian doctor who cut the side away so the edge is completely straight now. I have never had the problem again. I am about to get the same done for my son.


Beware of microbeads


With awareness we can help save our planet.

Did you know that tiny mircobeads are present in so many beauty products and that they are ruining our environment?  These cheap plastic tiny microbeads are used heavily in beauty products like face scrubs, body scrubs, soap, toothpaste and makeup among.

In one cleansing product for example, you might find thousands of tiny microbeads which end up in the ocean vanishing down through your sink and bath slowly but surely we are ruining our environment, our marine life and our oceans. We are killing fish and shellfish they eat these microbeads thinking they are food.

It is now, as consumer, you need to react! Take action! Look at your beauty products see if they contain microbeads. Right now internationally there’s a huge debate going on as we become aware of the dangerous of microbeads as to whether they should be allowed in cosmetics or not. In Denmark today, where I write from, no legal restrictions or ban have been enforced.

I am happy to report you in USA; Obama has already banned and enforced a law prohibiting use of microbeads in cosmetics effective mid 2017. Last September the UK was even faster when, within days, a total ban was enforced. Effective end 2017. Even the Australians are having issues.

I hope together with our consciousness and awareness we will stop buying cosmetic products containing microbeads – as of today. In my personal opinion we need a total ban worldwide now. As much as I love my cosmetic industry, using micro plastic beads is a No Go. I know my industry’s use of mircobeads has to do with cheap price.

To help you, as consumer out there, you should look for natural alternatives like jojoba beads, apricot kernels, ground nutshell, sugar and salt. Probably beauty products you find in the natural cosmetic segment. Check out the best holo nail polishes available. Act now save our environment, our oceans and our marine life.

Ban the beads.