January 17, 2017 Why is nailyoga good for you?

Join me – show me your #nailyoga. I believe in today fast paced world we need to create tiny loopholes for ourselves. Create your own space of being. We as humans need to be more aware and control the connection between our body and mind. Rather than pace along on autopilot make sure to get […]

December 7, 2016 How to get rid of painful ingrown toe nails

No doubt summertime is pedicure time. If you suffer from ingrown toe nails you know how hurtful it is. I used to live in Seychelles obviously due to the great weather conditions and the heat I mostly wore sandals but closed shoes and especially pumps for evenings started to become a huge problem to me. […]

November 29, 2016 Beware of microbeads

With awareness we can help save our planet. Did you know that tiny mircobeads are present in so many beauty products and that they are ruining our environment?  These cheap plastic tiny microbeads are used heavily in beauty products like face scrubs, body scrubs, soap, toothpaste and makeup among. In one cleansing product for example, […]

September 22, 2016 Male polish latest beauty trend

Malepolish latest hot topic among men. Since Marc Jacobs posted a picture of himself with black nail polish and stated #malepolish this has turned into the hottest new men’s beauty trend everyone is talking about. For a while we have seen beard oils been a must beauty item among men and part of the macho […]