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How do you ship nail polish to my country?

You see… nail polish is categorized as dangerous goods which mean major fast track curriers will NOT ship nail polish to your country.

But…I have found a way to ship out nail polish to you using snail mail. VERY slow by the way!

And you have to be patient…

It will take longer than normal easily 8-14 days pending where you live. Please take this into account.

I am able to ship from Denmark to most countries in the world. If you do find your country on the list it means previously it didn’t work. So we can’t ship to you, unfortunately.

Luckily we have local distributors who might be able to help you. Please reach out if you want to get local contact in your country.

How much is shipping cost?
No matter where you live or how many nail polish bottles you order. Flat shipping cost is 5 EUR.
Where do you ship from?

My office and warehouse is located 40 minutes south of Copenhagen.

In Danish countryside, 10 minutes from Baltic Sea side. (By the way…during cold months it’s great to walk along the beach in Denmark)

I can’t ship daily due to my country location but I will get your pack on the way as quickly as I can.

Can I mail you?

Yes, Yes please do so. I would love to hear from you and I work every day and available by mail. Feel free to contact me any time and I will answer your questions and help you out.

I also like to be social and you find me on different social sites @fnug_official or @fnugnailpolish

All depends on which social channel you are.

I look so much forward to seeing your beautiful nails please reach out using #fnug

About FNUG & products

Which nail colour shade shall I pick?
A good advice for choosing your nail colour is always taking into consideration the occasion you are attending. Is it a formal or casual event? It is summer or winter. It all depends.

Do you like to be seen in a crowd or do you prefer to stay more quite when you have lots of people around you. Then a bright yellow nail polish might not be for you. The season plays a huge part. Like juicy brights you might prefer wearing during summer with a great looking tan. Looks wonderful by the way…

Those lovely grey muted tones, deep reds, blue and muted greens are great for darker months.  Even though grey has more or less become like red, goes along with everything.

Anyway, often your first choice might the right one.

Take into account nail colour shades can reflect your mood or even uplift you. One a day you might feel down, why not try to wear bright, to uplift you own mood a bit.

You should try it works by the way…

Why you always apply polish onto cuticles and skin?
Do you find it difficult to apply polish not hitting cuticles and skin around your nails?

You know why…

It’s the brush and the length of cap and brush all together. This is crucial when it comes to application of nail polish. On top the viscosity of the liquid (nail polish) plays a huge part too. This is something I have tested and tested until I got it right!

You know… if you apply with right amount of polish without it running everywhere, then viscosity is right.

Have you ever tried to apply 3 to 4 layers still not covering your nails and polish still streaking, then viscosity is on the thin side and not easy to apply at all. Not worth a penny.

Get the basics right and you have great looking nails.

Always, always apply 2 layers of polish to get depth of colour.

Which one is your all-time favorite nail colour?
I often get this question when I am out and about.
And my answer is:

If I have to pick one it must be Mirrored Clutch.

I love the deepness of the wine colour and the shine it gives my nails. And…other people always comment my nails when I wear that shade.

What does FNUG mean?
I am often asked why I chose FNUG as my brand name.
You see this is a love-story…and I will reveal it to you today.
My father in law Henning, his mother was called “lille fnug” by her husband (In Danish “lille Fnug”, is little Fnug in English. Fnug as word means “tiny” in Danish…so you see how sweat this is)
And she also happened to be a petit lady.

After they married and had children all their children were given FNUG as middle name. My husband Claus has Fnug passed down from his father’s generation and I naturally had it when we married.

In addition, At Christmas when the snow arrive we say in Danish look “sne fnug” which translated directly is “snow flake”. In fact FNUG means both tiny and snow flake in Danish.

So I choose this as my brand name and also why the bottle is slightly different.

How do you get inspiration for new shades?
When I work on new colours I start months ahead.

I visit Copenhagen, Copenhagen Fashion Week, exhibitions, theatres, nature and even car colours are essential tools during a creative process. I really find lots of inspiration looking at cars.

I have a tiny black note book I always carry along in my bag. This helps me to remember new ideas like names and colours which really can pop anywhere.

What is the main inspiration behind Fnug?
As a woman my approach to beauty is holistic and simple. Even with more than 25 years in the beauty industry. I have seen so many products come and go.

In the end we all get wrinkles and we all age. You find beauty in any age and real beauty comes from your thoughts and how you talk to yourself. Also what you eat and how you live life in general plays a huge part.

My inspiration is the famous Scandinavian way of simplicity where tasteful unique Nordic colours, design, and fashion are so well known abroad.

Lots of the Scandinavian fashion style is very minimalistic, which I also favor. I want each nail shade to “talk” through the bottle. Why each bottle is kept minimal with just logo on the front.

There is elegance in simplicity. People seem to overcomplicate things in their personal life.

This is how I live life and how I approach my business.

Still the little girl inside takes time for her and plays with nail colours.

Do you test on animals?
I am an animal lover especially horses. And I am fasinated with Elephants.

On my to-do list I want to visit Namibia to see the Desert Elephant.

So No, I do not conduct any animal testing.

According to EU cosmetic regulation you are not allowed to test on animals.

I produce according to EU cosmetic regulation and all my ingredients are EU approved and I support EU manufacturing which is a small production site.

For safety you really have to know how to handle nail polish production, and my filler is small EU Company.

All FNUG Nail Polish: No Formaldehyde, Toulene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).

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