November 10, 2017

What Is the Holographic Nails Trend and Why Is It So Popular?

A famous trend popping all over Instagram and Pinterest in 2016 was holographic nails. Celebrities and beauty bloggers and vloggers got caught up in this fashion statement and were flaunting their digits in colour-changing polish.

Remember when Gigi Hadid sported that amazing $2,000 manicure at the 2016 Met Gala? Then a few months later, the famous YouTuber Kandee Johnson posted her I-must-have-that holo look on Instagram, with her nails reflecting amazing colours in the sunlight. She also included a tutorial on how to get a mani like hers without having to spend thousands. Everyone then wanted ultra-shiny digits that reflected rainbows.

Until now, holo manicures and pedicures are still in demand. Especially since the application process doesn’t always require the skills of a professional. Aside from that, there are more nail polish brands that have their own holographic product line. Just take a look at our fabulous collection of FNUG holographic nail polish.

fnug holographic nail polishes

How does the holo effect work?

Notice the silver particle in the polish? When these catch light, then diffract or split that light, they turn it into a colour spectrum. And what you get is the rainbow effect. The smoothness of the layer of holo particles will determine how linear the holographic effect turns out to be.

What are the types of of holo nail polish?

  • Linear – Because it has defined linear rings, you get strong linear holos. The prismatic effect is even more noticeable in direct sunlight or strong indoor lighting.
  • Scattered – Also known as Subtle. It doesn’t have a defined linear holographic ring and has shimmer scattered throughout the colour. As a result, the rainbow effect is more scattered and subtle.
  • Duochrome or Multichrome – It has a prismatic effect as well as duochromatic or multichromatic properties. This means your holo nails can change colour from different angles and in various strengths and types of lighting, and produce a rainbow-like effect at the same time.