February 10, 2017

How do you make holographic nail polish?


How do you make holographic nail polish?

I have often been asked how I make my holographic nail polishes. Obviously I can not reveal my secrets. I can tell you following.

Holographic nail polish is the most difficult nail polish to get right. First of all holo pigment is grey and it makes it super difficult to get right amount of holo pigment adjusted into the nail polish. If you add too little holo pigment you almost get no rainbow sparkle. It will show sparse bits and pieces of holo effect, kind of a top coat. You gain no intense rainbow sparkling effect.

If you add too much grey holo pigment somehow the holo pigment makes the viscosity of the nail polish too thick and it will not glide on the nails nicely. As well the nail polish doesn’t show any holo rainbow glitter it gets dull and matte on the surface.

Right amount of pigment is crucial.

How to get it right? Yes, it is a mix of nail polish base with just right amount of holo pigment. And, didn’t I experiment, before I was happy with the right result.

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