February 1, 2019

How to do holographic nails without powder?


Holographic Powder Sparkling Nails

You might think using holographic nail powder is best way to get attractive holo nail polish.

Lots of you tubers show you best way to do holographic nails using nail holo pigment powder.

Do you find it messy to tap loose nail holo pigment powder with a brush on top of base coat?

I do…

Often you end up with holo powder all over your skin and cuticles.

If you tried it, you know what I mean!

You really need to know what you are doing.

Not easy to do, I’m telling you! Looks easy but…

On top you need to cure holo pigment powder on your nails with a UV lamp.

To cure nails under the UV lamp takes at least 60 sec.

Why mess with holo powder like that…

Holo Pigment Powder What Is It?

Holo pigment powder is grey substance.

Really you might think!…


What you want is sparkling holographic nails, right?


Let me explain deeper.

“Holo pigment powder itself is grey powder”


Yes, it’s grey and very difficult to work around why many regular nail polish brands can’t get this right.

Lots of regular nail polish brands struggle to make holo polishes. 


If they add too little grey holo pigment powder (it’s powder you add into nail polish) you get no holographic sparkle.

For you it means you’ll see some holo sparkle on your nails but not a lot. Ouch!

Not really what you are looking for in a linear holo nail polish.

Some brands call such product a holo top coat. 

On the other hand if they add too much grey holo pigment powder into nail polish.

Polish goes dull.

So when you as consumer try on your nails, they get a dull greyish look.

This is not what you want either….

In production to add right amount of holo pigment powder into polish is super complicated.

Why a lot of regular nail polish brands fail to make really sparkling linear holographic nail polishes.

How To Get Holographic Nails Without Powder?

There is a secret formula. Not everyone knows.

I’m telling you it’s not easy to do.

Look below you tube video from lovely Aya Bananna.

It is possible to get holographic nails without powder.


It’s a simple system.

The secret is right amount of holo powder inside nail polish.

  1. Step 1: Apply water based base coat (takes longer to dry)
  2. Step 2: Two layers of linear holo nail polish (make sure each layer dries well)
  3. Step 3: Use top coat to seal holo nail polish.

I will add here…

Linear holo nail polish can easily to scratch. Why it’s best you apply a top coat on top.

You seal holo pigments.

You are ready for party looking rainbow nail polishes without use of powder.

This is it.

Hope this help you get beautiful stunning linear holo nails at home.

Go rock your nails.

Ready to buy holographic nail polishes.

You’ll find different holographic nail colours like pink, silver, blue and green.