December 7, 2016

How to get rid of painful ingrown toe nails


No doubt summertime is pedicure time.

If you suffer from ingrown toe nails you know how hurtful it is.

I used to live in Seychelles obviously due to the great weather conditions and the heat I mostly wore sandals but closed shoes and especially pumps for evenings started to become a huge problem to me. Pointed pumps used to cause me immense problems on my left toenail with an ingrown toenail. It was so hurtful and I had a great amount of infections and bleeding on that toenail.

I used to dip my feet in the salt water in the sea to have relief and cool down. I started always wearing a piece of cotton under the edge of the toenail for prevention. It could help me on/off. But no way it took the problem away.

They say proper trimming is the best way to prevent ingrown nails. I am not sure. Today my son also suffers from ingrown nails on both his toenails. We regular see a podiatrist. Even if she uses a nail rasp to smooth the edge of the nail along the nail groove and the right cutting of the nail straight across, the problem seems to come back.

I am a firm believer we simply have too much skin on the edge of the toenail and the toenail lays too deep inside the skin.

In Seychelles after much stress and pain I found an Indian doctor who cut the side away so the edge is completely straight now. I have never had the problem again. I am about to get the same done for my son.