November 14, 2018

How to remove cuticles without bleeding


Cuticles protect your fingers

Cuticles are the thin pieces of skin that connect your nails to the skin on your fingers.

Their sole purpose is to protect your fingers from bacteria, fungal infections, and other germs.

They are important to the health of your nail and should never be clipped off, just pushed back, away from the nail.

Clipping your cuticles leaves you open to infections and often because it is so close to the nail fold that it is often confused for it, and breaking the skin there can leave an open bleeding sore.

The cuticle grows on top of the nail, and left alone, it will keep growing, but it can get in the way when applying nail colour. If cuticles are painted over, they lift up and flake off.

This looks awful with nail polish, so it is best you push them back.

Do this to create the illusion of a longer nail bed, accentuating the length the nail already has, and also to increase blood flow to your nails to help them grow faster.

Before pushing, check your cuticles to see if they are rough, dry, or cracked. If they are, they cannot protect your nails properly.

For a quick fix, try rubbing a dab of olive oil into each nail bed daily.

Push back your cuticles

Once you are ready to paint your nails, prepare a warm bowl of soapy water and place your hands inside of it for a few minutes.

This will soften your skin and ensure that your cuticles are clean and easier to manage. Remove your hands and dry them on a soft towel.

You are now ready to push back your cuticles.

In order to get the best results, be sure you are prepared with the proper tools. You will need a cuticle pusher and a moisturising lotion.

Take the cuticle pusher, and, at an angle, push the thin cuticle skin downward, towards you. Always do this at an angle or you can damage your nails.

Also, push back the sides of each nail as well. If you don’t, you could be prone to hang nails. Those are those stringy pieces of skin that dangle from the edges of your nail beds.

It is important to wipe away all damaged and dead skin from each nail, then seal the cuticles with moisturiser.

While cuticle moisturiser is best, any lotion will work just fine.

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