September 22, 2016

Male polish latest beauty trend


Malepolish latest hot topic among men.

Since Marc Jacobs posted a picture of himself with black nail polish and stated #malepolish this has turned into the hottest new men’s beauty trend everyone is talking about. For a while we have seen beard oils been a must beauty item among men and part of the macho long beard trend.  Far from standing out, bearded men have become almost boringly normal. And we start to see a more streamlined shorter look on beards. Right now it is a hot topic on instagram if you search #malepolish.  It seems both the gothic black look, dark purples and even nailart is trending among men.

My bet nail polish for men will never become every man use. I think corporate offices are still far from accepting a guy turning up for a sales meeting wearing nail polish. My bet it will remain among the urban, creative youth. It shows is a way to express you without worrying about what other thinks it is cool. It shows men and beauty are evolving and I think it is great if men start to have more attention on clean nails and cuticle for a well groomed look. Who knows this might lead to several MANicures in nail salons.

Way back we used to see David Bowie and other musicians wearing nail polish back in those days we didn’t have instagram or other social media where they would show. Try to #malepolish it is cool to watch how men express their nails and hands. I look forward to seeing better groomed male hands.