Holographic Nail Polish

Check out most ravet holographic nail polishes by international nail bloggers: a linear green holo, a luminous pink holo, a stunning blue and a psychedelic silver holographic. Nail bloggers and nail art enthusiasts around the world are crazy for these holo nail polishes. The way these nail polishes radiate under light is mesmerising – you could stare at them for hours! Whether you’re going to the beach or a nightclub. Holographic polish will give you ever-changing nail art that dazzles. Browse best holographic nail polish below, then scroll down to learn how easy a DIY holographic manicure can be with FNUG.

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Aqua Fix Base Coat


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Holographic Nail Polish – Fantastica Green
Holographic Fantastica green nail lacquer

What is holographic nail polish?

Holographic nail polish contains silver particles that produce an iridescent spectrum of rainbow colours when hit with direct sunlight. Two basic types give two distinct effects. The linear holographic polish applies smoothly. It contains tiny “holo” particles that reflect rainbows in a distinct line. The scattered holographic nail polish, on the other hand, works best when painting over another design to get the holographic effect.

Holographic Nail Polish

  • Aqua Fix Base Coat: a unique FNUG base coat created specifically for holographic nail polishes. If you want to enhance the metallic holographic nail lacquer effect, apply a base coat of this product first. Once it’s completely dry, apply your holographic polish. Then apply a Top Model Top Coat, which will seal against scratches for a long-lasting nail polish. At first, your nails will go dull, but after the top coat dries, full luminous effects will reappear.
  • Holographic Fantastica: this linear green holo nail polish gives off shimmering hues of brilliant green rainbows. Make sure to apply Aqua Fix Base Coat first, to make the holographic effect pop. For a longer lasting nail polish, add Top Model Top Coat on top.
  • Holographic Fnuglista: based on numerous requests, we created this pink holographic nail enamel, where vibrant pink rainbows radiate a cosmic brilliance. It’s a great glam look for parties, weddings and social events. So far, the feedback has been amazing – we’re really proud of this nail polish! As per usual, apply Aqua Fix Base Coat first and then Top Model Top Coat after you apply this product.
  • Holographic Futuristica: the stunning linear blue holo has been raved about as perhaps the best blue holographic nail polish in the world. It gives a futuristic, high-tech feel with hues that shimmer like cool blue peacock feathers. The effects pop, even in daylight – great for when you want to show off your nails.
  • Psychedelic silver holographic: a silver holographic nail polish, a silver holographic that creates an upbeat, playful effect – the epitome of cool. Nails shift colour brilliantly in both daylight artificial light, meaning that Psychedelic Silver works well in a variety of settings.
Holographic Nail Polish – Silver Lacquer
Psychedelic Silver Holographic nail polish

Easy Application Holo Nail Polish

When you try to DIY a holographic manicure, the process usually starts with the application of a base coat then gel color. Next, hologram powder is added with a sponge or brush. Finally, a clear coat is swiped over the top to seal everything in. It sounds pretty easy but it’s actually a lot of work.

Buying Fnug holographic nail polishes spare you from the nightmare of dealing with powders and choosing the right base colour. You can just apply one coat of Aqua Fix Base Coat followed by two coats of any holographic polish of your choice. Then, finish off with Top Model Top Coat. Now that’s easy!

Hence, go for holographic nail polish here at Fnug instead when you want to DIY. Not only are our lacquers friendlier to your pockets, but also to your fingernails.