A Lister

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Coral nail polish

Is your ultimate dream being on the Hollywood celebrity A hot list at any cost? Let it feel real by finding your own inner uniqueness you will shine as star A lister by the people who really love you.

Keep it that way. This spring nails shine and twist to a hot orange coral nail polish.

Super chip resistant.

Coral nail polish with an orange twist. During the summer months while having a tan I always prefer coral nail tone rather than bright reds.

I find corals super flattering against tanned skin. Imagine summer days on the beach in sandals and your hair loose. Can you wait for those long lazy summer days?

When applying A Lister always use 2 layers of nail polish for better coverage and best results. Color tone will be more intense with 2 coats. Nail polish is super strong and long lasting on nails.

To get perfect manicure ideally use a base coat first to even and smooth out your nail plate before applying any colour on nails.

8,5 ml

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