Acid Lime

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Metallic lime green nail polish

Urban update of hybrid key pieces. Acid lime green is proving a popular accent colour by fashion bloggers spotted between shows on skirts, belts and scarves. A statement piece on your nails would be metallic acid lime.

The metallic acid lime nail varnish is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely lasting without the risk of breakage.

If you want to juice up your style try lime green it is vibrant colour for summer, not particular a colour you choose when your skin is too fair. The Queen Elizabeth II for her 90th was spotted wearing a truly bold neon green outfit. Do you know many 90 year old who would wear that?

Clearly, lime green is not a colour for everyone. The trick is experiment with everything feeling a bit brighter than usual. Start off small with accessories in lime green paired with neutral or black outfit.

You might want to swap your conservative tote bag with lime green clutch. Or try to keep lime green tones for your top part and wear darker shades beneath. Try a scarf, a hair piece or a belt, bit by bit you might like it.

Yet, compare the final look and make sure you feel confident.

Go for Acid Lime for an eye popping nail hue that will flatter. A classic look will be modernized and refreshed with lime green nails.

8,5 ml

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