Aqua Fix Base Coat

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Aqua Fix Base Coat for holographic nail polish

Aqua Fix Base Coat is a special base coat  for holographic nail polishes only.

To enhance the holographic nail polish metallic effect, apply one coat of Aqua Fix Base Coat.

It takes slightly longer to dry, compared to normal base coat.

Wait till Aqua Fix Base Coat is completely dry, before applying any holographic nail polish.

How to use:

Apply one coat of Aqua Fix Base Coat.

Apply two coats of any holographic nail colour.

Finish off with Top Model Top Coat. Holographic metal pigment can easily scratch against hard surfaces. To seal holographic nails against scratches, apply one coat of Top Model Top Coat.

Just after application your nails will turn dull. Do not worry.

Wait till Top Model Top Coat has dried completely and slowly crazy rainbow holographic nails will reappear.

8,5 ml

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