Army Style

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Army green nail enamel

The ultimate in functional dressing, the green parka gets a ravishing update with an opulent sauvage trim. As for the functional high heel shoe this is refined with a dusky army green tone in ultra-soft suede.

Most wanted combat green nail lacquer, crisp as an autumn afternoon. Especially in Nordic countries a favored style for fall.

Chip resistant and long lasting formulation.

Army Style you can even call it kind of olive to hunter green nail polish. For this particular green I wanted to create a deep moody military fashion inspired style.

You see a lot of camouflage fabric for pants and sweatshirts and the bomber jackets with zipper closure is having a huge moment. Even Dr. Martens in camouflage style is cool.

For festival essentials in green: Think of an army green waterproof hooded poncho for the festival season even needed for camping.

Get yourself covered with a green anorak and do not forget your green hunter wellies. Then you are ready to head of. Nails obviously army green.

If you are a dog lover I am sure you love walking the forrest with your dog. An army green raincoat for autumn is beautiful.

Simply imagine how many different green shades you are able to obeserve in the forrest.

8,5 ml

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