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Silver crinkled metal foil nail polish

Blitz your nails with silver crinkled metal foil on your nails. Gives cool uneven texture on your nails at the same time with shiny silver sparkle. Kind of fun party stuff for your nails.

Let first layer dry well, second layer you will notice how the nail polish will crinkle into metal silver foil. Do not recommend top coat on top.

Have fun with your nails.

This is a special silver metal nail polish. Imagine your nails with a rough finish like crinkled foil paper. Make sure to apply two coats and let each layer dry really well.

After application the silver crinkled effect appears slowly. Result a rough silver surface on nails.

Cool silver nail effect for fun. You might experience people asking what have you got on your nails?

You find other nail colours with same effect. This Season and Moonstone.

8,5 ml

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