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Dark cherry nail polish

Dangerous and luxurious self indulging is this dark cherry nail varnish colour. Aesthetic and decadent like the style of the Catwalk.

It is all about being who you are and what you stand for. The dark cherry nail varnish has intense colour pigmentation which means it covers nails nicely.

Chip resistant and long lasting formulation.

When wearing a dark cherry nail polish like this one, your nails are being noticed. It’s the same when you wear black nail polish. Your fingernails are noticed. Whether you like it or not. Have this in mind.

Simply you can be more vulnerable. On the other hand if you feel powerful and full of confidence this is it!

Dark cherry nails or almost black cherry nails – the darker the better – have always been a favorite of mine.

The plum base gives a wampy dark look. And when I wear all black outfit I love it even more. Think it has become a classic and very elegant on nails.

When I played with the nail colour initially it was too red in the base. I had to add more black untill I was happy with the shade.

8,5 ml

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