Cover Shot

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Winter red pink nail polish

The model performing the cover shot is envied by a lot of young ladies. One day NYC next sunny LA always on the move. She has her nails in a twisted beaujolais red pink tone.

Cover Shot Nail lacquer has extreme durability.

No Chipping.

I think we can all relate to the dream of becoming a model. As a young girl one way or the other this subject might have crossed one’s mind. Who wouldn’t dream being on the cover of Vogue or Elle Magazine.

To be honest I think it is really hard work. Models present themselves in a look book and part of the job is being strong enough to tolerate one rejection after the other, until the final moment having a photo shoot.

You often see model contests for could-be cover model. Especially parent magazines look for babies or toddler models for photo shoots like that.

One makeup artist working sets once told me she sprits water in babies’ hair or might use a curling iron for girls.

For children their skin look very soft and fresh anyway so it’s more hair then makeup.

Cover Shot is great if you look to have a manicure with a dramatic impression not flashy, but along a dusky red. Ideal with earthy tones of clothes.

8.5 ml

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