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Bright blue nail polish

Bright bags and sweaters rule. And yes, they can be just as versatile as black. To get maximum mileage out of your new purse, keep your wardrobe in mind.

Do not forget your bright navy blue nail varnish.

The polish is chip resistant and long lasting formulation.

Simply think bag, shoe and nails matching. Why not try something different blue bag, blue shoes and blue nails. In general you see mostly black bags, sometimes simply try to be different.

In fact I own a blue bag and every time I wear it I always get compliments. Simply it is different with a black winter coat.

Wearing blue nail polish is becoming more and more popular with Cult Look the nail hue is somehow tending towards bright navy blue nails. Not the sort of dark navy blue turning towards black, still you see it is bright blue with a hint of cobalt.

There’s something so chic about a this bright navy blue nail polish, dark enough to exude confidence but not quite as heavy as a black or grey nails.

8,5 ml

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