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Metallic greige nail polish

Be dazzled by this stunning metallic greige nail polish. A spectacular nail shade which brings together the best of fashion style.

The metallic greige nail enamel is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely lasting.

If you love home décor and styling your home. I am sure you must have come across greige hues for your home. It is called the hottest neutral for bedroom beddings, walls and pillows and living spaces alike. You get an elegant neutral that us very easy on the eyes.

Here in Nordic is has become the new red nail polish. Any nail colour muted in beige, grey or brown tones are exceptional popular. I think for Nordic women who seem to love a simple understated look, greige nail shade do not seem too noisy.

If you favor nude, camel, grey and brown tones a metallic greige nail tone will add newness to your wardrobe. For Dazzling I wanted to take it to a new level adding metallic shine in a greige nail tone. Sometimes trying something different can be surprising uplifting and end up looking elegant.

So take your fashion nails to a new metallic greige level.

8.5 ml

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