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Acid blue nail lacquer

Take a hint of studs, add a little rock, mix in some heavy metal blue your nails will look euphoric as if they were dipped in fluorescent blue paint and bleached in acid. Come on.

The acid blue nail lacquer is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely lasting without the risk of breakage.

This is not your baby blue nail polish, rather it is noisy. Euphoria means feelings of excitement, happiness and well being. I am sure on days when you are full with self confidence you would like to wear this fluorescent blue nail polish.

You love alternative fashion rocking your eccentric fashion look. You love to express yourself though your clothes. Not caring what other people think it what is it all about for you. In fact people respect people you wear what they like it shows they are courageous and adventuress.

You might change your hair colour into a two tone fancy dip dye. You are not afraid of a strong hair statement.

You see how Euforistica was dipped for that metallic flip of flourscent blue for nails almost like acid. You Rock.

8,5 ml

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