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Muted turquoise nail varnish

Among the fashion conscious, you are the first mover, the trendsetter keen to try out the new, you are drawn to innovation, fearlessly leading the rest.

This season, the latest cool azure blue nail varnish has a twist of muted turquoise.

Try it and stand out… people will comment. The azure blue nail polish is chip resistant, which means that it has extreme durability lasting without the risk of breakage.

Cobalt blue eyeliner is making a comeback. The blue eye makeup in hues of cobalt, sapphire and aquamarine bring sense of nostalgia to some of us.

This time appraise classic eye shadow by creating a retro smoky eye look. Are you ready to be first mover?

In my young days we used to wear tons of cobalt blue mascara with lots of fuchsia blush. This was super hot in 80s. Major beauty influencers are already being spotted with cobal blue mascara.

Be first mover, this is going to gain a huge comeback.

Why not have fun and skip black mascara for a while.

And your nails of cause blue with First Mover.

8,5 ml

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