Flat Boots

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Cold grey nail varnish

For a modern take on country, call upon heavy duty wax overcoats, ladies tweeds, long johns and stout walking boots, and head outside. Feel the breeze on a stormy Nordic day.

Your nails appear as grey semi precious stones.

Get nails which are chip resistant.

We have tons of coastlines in Denmark and my beach is about 9 minutes away and often when I walk along the beach is when I get new ideas.

I love picking stones with my daughter. We have a glass jar full of different grey stones. You can’t image how many different kind of grey stones we have found.

When I did Flat Boots I had all these grey stones lined up in front of me. Picking which grey I liked best, from there on I swatched to do the right cold Nordic grey nail polish.

A grey that reminds me of the stormy grey you meet on a dusky autumn day. I think it is edgy to wear and love looking at my stormy grey nails.

To get best lasting manicure, make sure to let each nail polish layer dry thoroughly. I always say to people.

Now it is time for nail yoga, take your time. Trying to rush a manicure is no good. You always end up with a crack or scratch.

8,5 ml

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