Flip Flop

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Orange nail polish

Flip Flop mania is fashion IT-shoes during summer peaks.

Sizzling different styles and colours raved as comfort shoe numero uno by models and fashion insiders.

This year warm orange nail polish is the hit colour for summer pedicure.

This warm orange nail lacquer is very flattering against summer tan.

The orange nail enamel is high quality and chip resistant, which means that it is extremely long lasting without the risk of breakage.

No chipping.

Do you love open shoes for summer?

Have the freedom to walk the beach with no shoes feeling the sand between your toes is lovely.

Before you go on holiday do your feet in this orange pedicure.

Apply Flip Flop on your tip toes.

You feel great after such treat.

Flip Flop is the ultimate red orange nail polish ever.

Suitable as summer nails both for hands and feet.

8,5 ml

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