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Cool grass green nail varnish

Smart effortless cool urban bohemian look. Shopping at vintages stores or Nanny’s closet is definitely a good source, however restyling of vintage clothes is a must to fit you.

Kind of cool grass green nail polish complements this look. The grass green nail lacquer is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely lasting without the risk of breakage.

This is not your green mainstream nail polish. You want to stand out from the crowd. Will suit well you skinny jeans and cargo t-shirt and tank tops.

Or it might look well matched with your original outfit by a new indie designer.

Guess you love to travel with enthusiasm and eagerness to discover new places. You travel to meet new people, other travelers or locals alike, those that can introduce you to new ideas, new things and new adventures.

You have a desire to get lost and to maybe find yourself during the process. Let it be that way and enjoy your adventure.

We will not see you at the all inclusive resorts.

Just be who you are with grass green nails. Stand out.

8,5 ml

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