IGel Manicure Top Coat


IGEL Manicure Top Coat

Get instant glossy gel manicured nails in one stroke with this unique top coat for natural nails done at home.

I wanted to do a top coat where you get super glossy gel manicure look on natural nails, but done at home. Additionally I added luxurious caviar extract to nourish your nails.

I am not a huge fan of gel nails. I don’t like the fact they dry out your nail bed. Over time, when nails are overexposed to gels, they become very brittle and they can easily break.

How to use:

Simply apply one coat of IGel Manicure Top Coat as often as you like for ultra glossy gel nails look.

Remove with nail polish remover and cotton pad.

Just so you are in the know:

If you are familiar with gel nails you know they are being done professionally in the salon. Application is done with UV light and you have to return to the salon for removals.

With IGel Manicure Top Coat you will avoid:

No use of damaging UV light which is needed to harden gel nails in the salon. Overexposure to UV light, like tanning beds, is definitely not good for you.

No more tedious soaking fingers 10 minutes in drying acetone to remove gel nails. Nail bed simply dries out.

Gel manicured nails often last 2 weeks and your nails grow along. You start to see a growing gap at the nail base at cuticles, not very attractive with an empty space with no nail polish. Given you have to go back to the salon for removal,

I prefer IGel Manicure Top Coat, so easy to use.


8,5 ml

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