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Nude nail polish

She is über-cool and wears nerdy edgy glasses in a color you just can’t describe. Her handbag is even better. She has this friend who is a new up and coming designer who just did her latest bag.

At last you can have her nails a light nude soft grey nail varnish with a dash of lilac. So top cool.

The manicure is chip resistant and long lasting.

Nude nail polish no longer means boring nails I really tried to twist It Bag to a flattering nude. A nude nail polish with a hint of pink lilac so It Bag will give your skin a natural glow.

In the process of creating the colour at my starting point I had too much yellow in the base. I had to tweak and twist untill I was happy with the nail shade you see here

Nude nails are a favorite that also make for an understated yet gorgeous manicure, especially for brides.

For whatever occasion, keeping things neutral will give any look an instant sophistication. Whether you look for nude nails for summer or winter season trends, nude is a classic that goes with every look and any occasion.

8,5 ml

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