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Coral pink nail lacquer

“Wow” they rave “that look book is hot!” The frontpage cover shot was done with a new upcoming photographer from Berlin. How hot and now with nails glowing with a touch of pink and coral mixed to another level!

Look Book is a cool coral nail polish but also super smart for your pedicure. The coral nail lacquer is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely long lasting without chipping.

In addition the nail varnish contain luxurious caviar extract which is very nourishing for nails. Which makes it super strong.

I find enormous inspiration looking different fashion blogs for style outfits or latest fashion. I find the daily fashion diaries by bloggers are quite inspiring for nail colours.

I tend to look only, not that I buy. In a creative process adapting my ideas into nail colours I work for weeks and weeks until I am happy with a nail colour choice.

Sometimes while swatching nail colours one shade might look great on its own but mixing it with a different nail shade for a nail collection can bring both good or bad matches.

I have to keep twisting colours around. A quite lenghtly process, I do love so much.

For Look Book I saw a dress someone was wearing and I wanted to replicate that colour into a nail shade. I had the picture of the dress constantly on my mind.

Initially the shade came out too coral untill I managed to get a pink undertone I accomplished what I wanted.

I hope you will love it, it looks lovely on nails. Very girly and not too pink. Kind of soft coral with a touch of pink.

8,5 ml

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