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Lava grey metal foil nail polish

Moonstone charcoal dark grey or some would say lava grey nails, sounds cool. Or it is the new black? Somehow this moonstone lava grey crinkled metal foil will rock your nails at most.

You must add two layers for optimal coverage. Let first layer settle very dry, before you apply next layer.

Your nails will have a crinkled texture of grey lava look. Awesome cool nail polish.

Imagine nails looking a bit like the grey surface seen on the moon, rough and uneven.

New metallic style with this grey nail polish.

Super cool next time you are wearing all black outfit.

Make sure to apply two layers. Each layer needs to dry well, which can take a bit longer than normal. Slowly you see the nail polish change finish to uneven surface

You find same finish with Blitz and This Season.

8,5 ml

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