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Burnt coral nail enamel

You know how to look great. You are proud of your fashion sense and know instinctively how to mix high street fashion with flea markets picks for a most stunning look.

This season you love all sorts of burnt coral nail shades to deliver the wow factor on nails.

The burnt coral nail enamel is chip resistant, which means that it is has extreme durability without the risk of breakage. Also the intense colour pigmentation gives great coverage on nails.

With My looks I wanted to capture the romantic floral trend. Think flirty summer breeze romance. Dominant you see feminine floral patterns for clothes, shoes and bags.

Think of the colours you find picking a wild flower bouquet. This was my idea and essence behind My Looks.

I am sure you know how to pick your style and create your own looks, to look your best. Find inspiration to even use My Looks as a coral nail shade for your wedding.

Have you ever thought about having a coral wedding theme? Coral, pearly white and grey are three colours which go very well together. This would really stand out from a normal white theme wedding.

You have to think out of the box, still these colours are super romantic together. Can you imagine to coming husband in a grey suit. He would look super elegant.

And your nail pop in a lovely romantic nail shade this is your look.

8,5 ml

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