Off Duty Cool

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Less is more nails

Less is more, perfect sheer nude nail polish is sure to compliment any skin tone.

Nude french manicure is always super stylish if you keep your nails short. Also super cool when off duty.

Super staying power on nails. Nail polish has glossy finish on nails.

For days when you master comfort and embrace laid back boyfriend demin and a boyfriend white v-neck tee. Or a pair of ripped skinny jeans will do. Simply keep you look fab with slip-on sneakers, they are perfect for walking to gym classes.

For you who want to try out a different tone for French manicure. The nude colour has a twist the rose tone which you find in Ballerina, which also a nail polish for French rose manicures.

With Off Duty Cool, you’ll find the hue is nude looking, coverage is sheer, you will be able to see white tip under. Great for days when you are casually cool.

For white tip use All White, this is a full covering white nail polish. With practice you will be able to learn to apply the white tip.

Not the easiest to learn, but keep practicing and suddenly the white lines are straight.

Still a favorite manicure for lots of women. You look stylish and ideal for days when you do not want too much power on nails, French mani is ideal.

Or simply apply two coats for a fresh looking nail.

8.5 ml

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