Peace Sign

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Teal nail polish

You see it everywhere fashion hotspot the peace sign. A tribute to those free-spirited, creative and fashion forward mums of the seventies and their enviable boho style. Feminine, natural and always true to themselves the ultimate style icons.

Now will teal nail polish stay fashion forward, do you dare? Teal nail polish contain nourishing caviar. Teal nail varnish is also great for pedicures.

If you were cool in the 70s you had at least one piece sign necklace. A necklace designed to let people know you opposed to war.

Today remain popular with former hippies and young people as well. Ultimate groovy fashion, wild prints. 5 inch high platform shoes, tie dyed shirts and mini skirts.

And who did not admire John Travolta gleaming three piece suit in Saturday Night Fever. Cult.

Now designers are plundering the look once more. After a season of wedge sandals, maxi dresses and festival dressing where even orange faced wags were hopping on the hippy bandwagon, autumn sees the return of gilets, tasseled boots and folky prints.

This inspired me to create a deep teal nail colour to match the various 70s styles around.

8,5 ml

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