Urban look


Cold grey blue nail polish

If you take any billowy, silky top and redo it in denim, it instantly becomes cooler like something you’d see on the world’s chicest arts and craft teacher. Call it the girliest of blouses with the heart of a work shirt.

Let your nails be covered with this gorgeous cold grey blue nail polish which reminds you of urban city light from the sky. With grey outfits the colour will turn more grey scale. Really cool grey blue nail colour. While against blue jeans nail varnish turns more blueish.

The cold grey nail varnish keeps you on trend with Scandinavian colour palette. Chip resistant and long lasting formulation.

When ever I wear Urban Look nail shade I am always being ask whether it is grey or blue. You know it really depends on your outfit. I find when I tend to wear more grey it turns grey and with demin jeans it tends to look blue. Not bright blue but along faded jeans blue. Actually it matches really well with faded demins.

When ever you apply nail polish I always recommend two coats. You simply get a nicer finish but also the nail colour is more intense. In all my nail shades I have added maximum pigment, you have to understand this gives a better coverage. If you add too little pigment your nail colour does not cover very well resulting in a nail polish where you need 3 to 4 layers for coverage.

To a certain point, if you suddenly add too much pigment your nail polish becomes too thick and you will not be able to apply evenly. So the trick is not too much nor too little. I have found the secret trick to have right amount. Hope you will enjoy.

8,5 ml

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