January 31, 2017

How to save money and time on nails?


How to save time and money on nails?

Next time your nails are in need of attention it’s time you recover the at-home manicure. Skip the nail salon and buy yourself a nice bottle of nail polish instead.

You can simply groom your hands, perfect your cuticles and paint your nails in less time than it takes to go to a nail salon, with results that look as polished.

Getting regular manicures and pedicures at a nail salon can start to get really pricey. Especially if you are on a student budget or simply money is tight. The indulgence of doing at home manicure in total privacy with your favorite music and a lovely cup of tea makes you in control. It’s all in your hands, literally, when you bring your nail polish to your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or back porch. Whereever.

The attention you bring to yourself for a given time can be so rewarding. If you think back, as a little girl, you must recall the feeling while you watched your mother dap tiny spots of colour on the end of her fingers. Check out our holographic nail polishes that let you DIY on new trend.

These are memories and emotions I want you to feel and bring back to your mind next time you do your indulging manicure or pedicure at home.