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Did my mom’s nails using my new FNUG nail polish. It lasted 2 weeks before it chipped! It’s like gel. Amazing product, can’t wait to use more on set, thank you Charlotte.

Kait Mosher, professional manicurist, LA – NYC. See her work on instagram kaitmosh


A good customer of mine suggested I should have a look at your brand as she had bought some colours from you when she visited Denmark and raved about how strong and great your polish is, so I am writing to you with an interest in FNUG.

Jeanett Pugh,


I’m in love with them. In comparison with Essie, OPI and similar ones, Fnug has the best formula and it stays on without chipping for soooo long!
Righ now I have “Long Johns” on my nails and I can’t stop looking at my hands, so I thought I will thank you right away for the amazing job you

Veronika Ruzickova, @sisters_nails, Czech Republic


I personally have been a designer for many years, and I have to admit I am not good with nail polishes and its uses (I am from the skincare industry). But because I have worked with colours my whole life, when I saw FNUG colours, I could feel the personality of the brand stand out very differently from other brands. Great job !

Ken Chan,, Singapore


Our clients love your products, so we need to fill the stocks :)

Galilu, Poland


I am really excited by FNUG nail polish and find them extremely long lasting and covering. I have to admit I am in love with FNUG nail polish.

Christiane Schaumburg-Müller


I just wanted to write to tell you how incredibly excited I am about your nail polishes! I bought my first bottle of FNUG about 10 days ago after it was recommended at Holly’s Dollroom and I’ve already bought another one. I have used nail polishes by Essie, Chanel and Helena Rubinstein – all of which are good brands – but I must say that FNUG beats them all by a long shot. Your polishes are easy to apply, evenly coloured, provide great coverage, dry quickly, and boast a fantastic finish. And I’ve never seen a polish that offers this kind of coverage. I applied the first polish last Saturday, went to a party, worked a 5-day week and did some work in the garden. And there still wasn’t a single chip! I only removed the polish because my nails had grown so much in the meantime that it had left an unattractive gap, and now I’m going to try another colour.
So kudos to you – and keep up the good work!

Best Regards
Henriette Christensen, Skive


Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you had a good look around.
The website looks great and I’m going to order more polishes as we’re already experiencing good sales. J We’re really enjoying them.

Best wishes,
Camilla, Butik C, Kolding


Just wanted to tell you how great it was to see your new products at the trade show last weekend.
And I also wanted to give you some positive feedback on the new FNUG polishes.
I brought some of them home to test on myself and a few of my “critical guinea pigs”.
We found that the polishes dried very quickly with a lovely shiny finish that lasts and lasts – even standing up to the wear and tear of styling products which can often destroy polish, and last but not least, the polishes have great durability. I never dreamed that I would find a polish that could take 3 days of washing dishes and doing facials, but FNUG really can!

Best regards
Anne Christine, Cosmetologist Damkilde, Arhus C


Really enjoying the nail polishes!
Customers really seem to love the colours, durability – and the bottle design. :-)

Best regards
Amalie, Baum und Pferdgarten, Copenhagen


I simply adore the nail polishes you sent me, and I want to share the love on our facebook group at Louise Mas & Mette Bülow/ feminista.


I’ve tested the nail polish and the mascara and am very impressed with both products, but I’m particularly taken with your brand-new nail polish. It’s got beautiful, intense colour, it’s really durable and I love the COOL bottle design. I can’t wait until my customers get to enjoy them, too. :-)

Best regards,
Caroline Bjerring, Cosmetologist, Vejle


Thanks to FNUG nail polish.
They are fantastic. Extreme duration, quick drying and nice colours and intense pigmentation.
Better than Essie.

Best regards
Charlotte, Clinique Libra, Nibe


We both think they are so much more easy to apply than essie and drying very quickly…nice.
I am impressed by how long the polish lasted on my nails.

My Henriksen, Hair Salon My Henriksen, Copenhagen


I am a huge fan of FNUG. First time I tried FNUG I was overwhelmed by how lasting your product really was and how easy it was to apply and one coat covers 100%. Having busy working days it really works:-). For many years I have bought Chanel and each time I am disappointed by the durability, considering the price being high end. Same applies for Essie. Therefore it is with great pleasure I have found FNUG, which lasts on my nails during many days. As a woman I share such experience with my girlfriends, network etc.

Rikke Kamstrup Jacobsen, pr1, Copenhagen


Last time I ordered some nail polish  just to see, if our customers like it. Well, they don’t like it – they love it! So I like to order some more…

Best regards
Alex Peschke, iheart, Dusseldorf, Germany

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