July 9, 2018

What nail polish colour to match lavender dress?


The power of Lavender nail polish in love that you still don’t know. 

Pantone, the colour system specialist and self-proclaimed “global authority of colours” speculated that Ultra-violet is going to be colour of the year 2018. However, the lavender colour conquered the fashion industry in a glimpse of the eye. Lavender is popping everywhere and is considered to be one of the most wearable trend for 2018 followed by buttercup yellow, baby blue, and soft pink.

Lavender is the apple of the eye of everyone.

In New York’s fashion Runway for the spring collection, lavender is the apple of the eye of everyone. Well-known fashion designers such as  Lanvin, Michael Kors, Victoria Beckham used this colour on their clothing lines. Famous artist such as Katy Perry’s Galaxy inspired theme also imbibed the colours lavender, purple and blue which marked her personal brand. Picture perfect eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipsticks are the makeup trend and this can be seen worn by Hollywood artist on the red carpet and social media platforms by top influencers and beauty bloggers all over the world.

Who wouldn’t love this colour right? It’s a perfect combo for everything! Whether you’re pulling out a sophisticated, edgy or street type of look, this colour will never leave you out-of-style!

From clothes, shoes, interior design, and now to nail polish.

This irresistible colour would definitely let us all fall madly and deeply in love.

Spring season is filled with love and happiness. Mother Earth is flourishing once again after the snow white winter time.   The sun is shining and everyone is basking in the warm weather. Folks are very enthusiastic and super energetic organizing different outdoor activities. The birds are chirping and singing melodies that are so pleasant to the ears. Vivid colours of plants and flowers are scattered everywhere.

The world appears so magical and romantic and now is the perfect time to meet the man of your dreams!

Evoke different emotions.

So here’s the catch, you can actually blow a man’s mind through your lavender nail polish!

Lavender nail colour has a direct impact on our feelings and evokes different emotions.

When you wear this, you dream guy will be drawn to you for its refreshing vibe. It also has a soothing and relaxing effect that would surely entice your man. It will give you a modest, majestic and elegant look perfect for your whimsical date night. Even if he is just barely looking at your nails, it will trigger his other senses too particularly the sense of smell.

Lavender is very sensual in nature. Eyeing your lavender coloured nails would create a signal to his brain that you have a rich aromatic scent which will give you an advantage in the game of attraction. This mental scent will give him intoxicating feeling and will give you both a deeper connection. It will be a mystical scent that he will never forget even after years!

This lavender nails will definitely get that man fall for you.

So what are you waiting for? Allure your potential man with the sexiness of your lavender painted nails!

Make your dream come true and make him fall in love with you!

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