October 25, 2018

What nail polish colour should I wear with navy blue dress?



Navy blue dress radiates royalty.

Did you notice at Princess Eugenie royal wedding navy blue dresses are a favorite among the royals and celebrities.

“Her sister Princess Beatrice chose a stunning royal navy blue dress”

And…Meghan Markle also chose to wear a smart navy cost and dress from Givenchy. Meghan was all smiles arriving at the wedding.


Victoria Beckham showcased a slash-front midi navy blue dress at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wedding in Winsor.

When Kate stepped out of Buckingham Palace the day after their wedding, she was wearing a black open jacket over a medium blue dress.

And she has been spotted in navy blue since.

I get why you want to wear a royal blue dress.

You’ll Look Royal in Blue Dress

Now don’t freak out what nail polish colour to wear with your navy blue dress…

Don’t be…

I’ve got you covered.

Since a navy blue dress radiates royalty you want to look sophisticated and classy.

Golden accessories look sophisticated against your blue dress.

Why gold and navy blue is your theme.

If you then match with a pair of blue shoe. Find a purse in a mix of blue and gold chain that compliment your navy blue dress.

A pretty up-do hairstyle make you look classy and stand-out.

And your nails in gold nail polish will be best choice.

“Then you keep it simple with gold and blue in a classy style”

Just wait till you step into the room other women will look at you with envy in your classy royal blue outfit.

Now you are all set for the party!

Boost Your Confidence

Ah, wait! The final touch, don’t forget to wear with confidence.

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