January 17, 2017

Why is nailyoga good for you?


Join me – show me your #nailyoga.

I believe in today fast paced world we need to create tiny loopholes for ourselves. Create your own space of being. We as humans need to be more aware and control the connection between our body and mind. Rather than pace along on autopilot make sure to get quality time on your own, it sounds a bit scary but it’s actually very beneficial to you.

Last year I attended a mindfulness seminar at Copenhagen University by lector Frans Orsted Andersen in which he stated following: Brain scientists now know and have proven being able to either meditate or doing any flow activity is very good for our brain since you calm down and you kind of reset your brain.

Two ways to actually mindful slow down is either you meditate or make a flow activity.  It is super essential and very restorative for our brain to take a pause. To be in a flow activity means you are deeply engaged in a hobby activity like reading, knitting, crocheting, painting, drawing. Usually you are dealing with a hobby activity which makes you so involved you tend to forget your basic need of eating. You tend to forget time frame spend and place. I guess you must have tried once or twice to be so involved in a hobby activity you didn’t realize 2-4 hours had gone rapidly.

I started to think literally when I apply nail polish I am always super mindful in doing so. I always enjoy it and love “my time” off daily duties. I make time for coffee or tea and I sit straight up at a good table height.  This is actually how I have done my nails always. Suddenly realizing I am super mindful and in flow I really want to emphasize this to you.

I want to inspire you to do the same – next time when you apply nail polish really take your time out and use your manicure as your time to yourself.  If you have a boyfriend tell him – I am doing my NailYoga. And if you have children – your husband will have to babysit for you. You can also go for our holographic nail polish here at Fnug instead when you want to DIY.

I would love to see you doing NailYoga – show me using #nailyoga on your social site.

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