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Royal blue metallic nail polish

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For the latest casting it seemed metallic royal navy blue was the "go to" nails of the moment. With the intense colour pigments nail polish covers so well. Stay on trend with this latest nail colour from Fnug. It’s not all the pool party and glam. The behind the scene of a casting session is really hard work for a hopeful model looking to make it.

They will measure you, weight you and you have to wait in line till it is you who make it in front of the judge panel. Anyone who makes the cut will make it for the seasons launch on the catwalk or for a photo shoot. You have to have a strong personality to meet rejections; sometimes the most beautiful girls aren’t good enough. And you need a lot of confidence and sometimes be ready to relocate to a major market for a fashion model.

Be willing to travel to strange locations with no friends to support you but is can give you lots of opportunity for good and bad. Have in your mind not everybody makes it as next supermodel. Last time at Copenhagen fashion week metallic nails were popping everywhere and need be metallic royal blue is really in trend.

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