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Holographic nail polish
Forside 11 polish

We incorporate Scandinavian taste
into tastefully-fabulous nails!

What type of FNUG girl are you?

Do you love the unique colours and finishes that make our brand unique, or do you tend more towards the understated, simple, yet daring Nordic flavor that has been popularized internationally by our local fashion industry? After all, here in Copenhagen, we experience fashion as an all-encompassing cultural phenomenon. From the hats on our heads to the tips of our toenails, our “Scandi style” is laid-back, yet sophisticated, easy on the eyes, and features uncomplicated, muted tones.

Here in Copenhagen, Danish fashion influencers, along with our neighbors in Norway, Finland, and Sweden, are starting to put their unique stamp on the world at large. Danish style is a bit different from the rest because we can be so playful in putting our looks together. We don’t fear colour and this really shows in FNUG’s different hues and finishes. Norwegians love embellishment and glamour, and that style is reflected in our holographic and metallic lines, while Swedes adore their minimalism. For those who favour the “less is more” trend, check out our popular nude, beige, brown, and grey nail tones that reflect the laid-back Scandi style in all its modern glory!






Holographic Nail Polish & Gel

Pair these understated nail colours with the simplistic layered fashion that is so popular on Scandinavian runways today. It’s all about being comfortable and cool, lots of classic pieces to mix and match and build upon. The foundation pieces of the Nordic wardrobe are a great coat, a selection of knitwear, fantastic, form-fitting jeans, beautiful suits, and neutral nails that flatter and complement the basic aesthetic. No matter what we do here, we do it without losing our sense of self or personal style!

Scandi style is enduring, but ever-changing. In the 1960s and 70s, our style featured bold, bright prints in primary colours, while in the 80s, we were known for putting the “yuppie” style on the international map. In the 90s, feminine, bohemian designs out of Demark dominated, and in the 2000s, we brought skinny jeans back as a wardrobe staple. FNUG’s different colours and finishes embody these different periods in the Scandi style spectrum. We have hues and finishes that reflect almost every trend attributed to the great European north.

Our unique palette is inspired not only by modern Scandinavian fashion, but the beauty and soul of our surroundings. Europe is known for its aesthetic and the quality of its local goods. All of our polishes are crafted within continental Europe, and the quality shines through. Each lacquer dries quickly and is long-lasting and chip-resistant. The unmatchable consistency leads to a glossy, high-quality finish few competitors can claim. And with all this quality, we still ship our products worldwide for an amazing price of 5 EUR!

So, remember, Scandi style is hot right now, and there are whole boutiques devoted to labels from the Nordic region. There are even scores of popular Instagram accounts and street-style stars popularizing our styles worldwide at this very moment! So, why should your nails be any different? Take the plunge with me, and “enhance your nails with Scandinavian simplicity!”


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