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Simple yet daring Nordic nail polish styles

Do you love unique understated simple colours, yet daring that have been popularized internationally by Nordic fashion industry? Here in Copenhagen, we experience fashion as an all-encompassing cultural phenomenon. From the hats on our heads to the tips of our toenails, our “Scandi style” is laid-back, yet sophisticated, easy on the eyes, and features uncomplicated, muted tones.

Danish fashion influencers, along with our neighbors in Norway, Finland, and Sweden, are starting to put their unique stamp on the world at large. Danish style is a bit different from the rest because we can be so playful in putting our looks together. We don’t fear colour and this really shows in FNUG’s different hues and finishes. Norwegians love embellishment and glamour, and that style is reflected in the holographic and metallic lines, while Swedes adore their minimalism. For those who favour the “less is more” trend, check out popular nude, beige, brown, and grey nail tones that reflect the laid-back Scandi style in all its modern glory!


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