Pink Flats

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Pink nail enamel

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Ballet pink flats are hotter than ever. Everyone wearing them. Get a quick makeover in taylor cut Italian leather flats. This year in new a pink. Your pink manicure will match your pedicure and pink flats! Chip resistant and long lasting formulation. Formulation varnishes with high gloss.

Now, ballet flats are truly a fashion classic icon. Do you consider flats as mandatory stable in your closet? In the 1950s Audrey Hepburn was a huge fan. A lot fo fashion girls embrace this classic shoe style. Ballet flats are a great alternative to summer sandals. Always stylish and elegant. Even your workout clothes of black tights can be chic if you pair ballet flats on the way to the gym studio. It looks so much more feminine swapping you sneakers.

Lately Miu Miu buckled ballet flats and lace up ballet flat are latest hype among fashionistas. The ribbon around the ankle add a punk vibe. Now a new update for your pedicure is Pink Flats in bright pink.

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