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Lilac nail polish

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Brazil glamorous hot spot must be Copacabana Beach. Party life and orange cocktails served chilled makes a dream come true. Why not ad lilac manicure? Brazil was on my radar for this lilac nail polish. I love how colours are so vivid in Brazil. They really embrace a colorful lifestyle. The Rio Carnival Parade in particular where people dance, sing,  party and have an overdose of fun.  It allows someone’s true heart to come out and have as much fun as possible.

Did you know in Rio de Janeiro, the first samba schools were established in early 1920s and the first samba parade competitions were held in 1933. This is the legitimate opportunity to let yourself completely go in order to forget all you’re day to day live. Basically, the Carnival is a temporary escape into a fantasy world.

Not forgetting the Amazonian parrots,  Lilac-crowned Amazon, this is the lilac I have captured in this nail polish – Glamazonian. I kept looking at this particular parrot in the creation and the colours of the bird is wonderful. Now you can get instant lilac Glamazonian nails

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