What nail colour to wear at my wedding?

What nail colour to wear at my wedding?

How to Choose a Nail Colour to Match Your Wedding Ensemble

Not only do you want your nails to look beautiful, but you want them to coordinate with the key parts of your wedding day attire. Part of the fun is finding a delightful hue that adds depth to your wedding dress’s specific shade of white (as brides know, there is surprisingly many), or that matches any pop of colour already represented on your shoes or clutch, or even in your bouquet.

Regardless of your inspiration, be sure to complement your engagement ring and wedding band. They are the main attractions, and perfectly-manicured nails will only serve to add to their beauty.

Beautiful and delicate shades are sure to complement your wedding’s colour theme, your gown, your jewels, or your flowers. Pastels and rosy hues are sure to add an elegant splash of colour to your up-close photos, such as those snapshots of your first toast, or cutting the cake.

Once you pick out the perfect shade, it’s time to paint. Take your time. Tread carefully to avoid painting on the nearby skin, while also making sure that the entire nail bed is covered. Apply 2 coats to ensure a rich, opaque coverage.

Seal Off Your Manicure With a Top Coat

Your top coat is the final layer in your manicure process. It is of paramount importance, however, because it acts as sealer to preserve the coloured polish. This protective barrier helps to prevent chipping, peeling, and fading, ensuring that your wedding week manicure lasts well beyond the honeymoon.

Another benefit to using top coat is the long-lasting shine it provides. Many top coat formulas even contain the special ingredient, which is added to provide that glossy effect.

And that’s it! Your wedding day is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life. For the coolest bride, you could also use our holographic nail polish. Why leave anything to chance? If you want your nails to be perfect, follow these tips and you will have one less thing to worry about before you say “I do”.

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