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Metallic rose nude manicure

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At the latest fashion shows nails with inspirational metallic rose nude touch seemed to be the up and coming trend among fashion editors. The metallic rose nude nail emanel is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely lasting. No chipping.

Who wouldn’t love to be a fashion editor if you live and breathe fashion? Invitations to the best fashion shows at the front row and parties, discounted designer clothes, champagne and tapas. A fashion editor’s life may sound heavenly.

If you have seen The Devil Wears Prada, you saw how a Fashion Editor works and with want an attitude and arrogance. Fashion Editors decide what their company will feature as that season’s next big thing and they work months ahead.
Usually they look at swimwear and skirts in december and vise versa for summer. From all the research, to story ideas, to the overall vision of the next publication this is her responsibility.

Are you going to be the next Fashion Editor? I think it takes a lot of persistence, thinking outside of the box and be ready for the challenge once it appears. Be on trend with the Fashion Editors with a metallic rose nude nail polish.

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