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Metallic blue nail polish

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Off duty jetsetter, dive in lazy lunches after days spent on the beach. Call for new ideas for denim, relax in style with metallic blue douchrome nail varnish. Nail lacquer is twisting towards a blue purplish side too. Very different nail lacquer. This is like blue sapphire stone jewels on nails. With blue cobalt blue mascara having a great comeback Jetsetter would fit into this blue trend.

Light up the blue party with metallic blue eyshadow to match metallic blue nails. Try a shiny navy eye pencil along the upper lashes extending it upwards for a cat eye look matching with a matte royal blue eye shadow powder on eyes and you have bright blue cat eyes.

For a casual jetsetter look pair with high-waist, flared jeans and tap up with a sleek 70s silhouette by tucking in the blouse. And punch your look with a retro brown leather bag. Nails of cause metallic douchrome blue like Jetsetter. Of you fly go, girl.

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