Mirrored Clutch

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Burgundy deep red metallic nail polish

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As we are going into the cold winter months add a red mirrored clutch look against metallic deep burgundy red nails. The nail lacquer is chip resistant with a high gloss finish. The super slim brush makes application very easy.

This deep red metallic nail enamel is bound to get your nails rock. Let’s face it. Do you also find it impossible to survive an entire night out without reapplying at least one swipe of lipstick or lip gloss. Whipping out your makeup compact on the dance floor is frowned upon. You need a clutch. Statement bags are a must-have item to finish your stylish look.

How about a light grey velvet clutch with a chain strap you can sling around your shoulder? Or a box clutch framed in a jewel shape made from metallic mirror such stunning impact being totally versatile. The mirror shine finish brings an eye catching effect. A chic little box is big enough to hold your iphone, credit cards and your makeup essentials.

With metallic burgundy red nails like Mirrored Clutch against the metallic mirror box clutch is really something out of this world. Make sure to keep your black dress simple against the metallic mirror. You see this style on lots of celebrities.

8,5 ml

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