Narotic Bliss

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Metallic brown green nail polish

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We love this nail polish, it grows into a vixen of all vixens. Eye catching travelling tones of brown, purple and greenish colours... a mesmerising kaleidoscope of shade and colour truly different. The metallic brown douchrome manicure is chip resistant, which means that it is extremely long lasting without the risk of breakage.

If you look for something truly different, this is a unique nail shade. Really pending of the light nails will also shift colours. Really exceptional. On days when you might have the mood for powerful nails this will suit you. You are bound to get nails noticed after all.

It took me ages to get this nail changing shade right. It is a warm brown toned nail colour and if you wear it with saturated earth tones it will fit remarkably. It will reflect well with roast, and hues like prune and warmer tones like cognac and coppertone. Brown is having a major comeback this season.

Match with brown suede jacket, camel turtleneck sweater, and grey for contrast over the knee socks and bordeaux suede high shoes. Make sure you mix different textures and viola you go, all brown.

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