Psychedelic Holographic

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Silver holographic nail polish

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No need for holo powders. Apply holo polish directly onto your nail for that prismatic shine. Psychedelic silver holographic nail polish is raved over and over as best ever holographic nail lacquer by international nail bloggers. Evoke spontaneous fashion chic with on trend silver hologram nail polish. Visualisations of playfulness and happiness with rainbow holo colours pushing the boundaries off cool.

It is essential to use Aqua Fix Base Coat to make the silver holographic effect pop even more. This is my most favored nail polish. Adored by international nail bloggers and keeps being raved as best ever in different nail test. Psychedelic has been tested against several other silver chrome holographic nail polishes. Came out best.

This is glam for nails. Simply I wanted to create the best silver sparkling nails, how. I had different pigments but holographic pigment was best choice to obtain the look where nails shift colours pending of the light. Whether in daylight or artificial light you will see how light reflects stunning rainbow mirror colours on your nails.

Are you looking to have silver mirror nails for an evening out or simply just want to show off nails. This it it. Always use 2 layers. Holographic pigment can easily scratch if you hit nails against hard surface I recommed you seal off Psychedelic with my Top Model Top Coat. After applying Top Model Top Coat you will notice your nails goes dull. Just wait a few minutes untill completely dry, then you see how holograpic pigment will reappear.

Top Coat will help to protect against scratches. Aqua Fix Base Coat is a base coat especially done for my holographic nail collection. It will enhance the holograpic effect even more. Please note Aqua Fixe Base Coat takes very long to dry and it must be totally dry before applying any holographic nail polish. One layer as base coat is recommened.

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